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Secularism Carmona's statements inappropriate from a head of state

28 September 2016


While Mr Carmona is entitled to his religious beliefs in his private capacity, as President of the Republic he took an oath to serve all citizens of the nation. So when he singles out a group of persons defined by their non-religiosity, who may number anywhere between 26,000 and 90,000 persons according to how census data is interpreted, he sends a message that such people are not entitled to all the rights enshrined in the Constitution. "See Letter"

Religion How many more young Muslim men must become cannon fodder for ISIS?

12 August 2016


In this day and age, people who profess a religion should embrace only the humane aspects of its dogma, not use the bloodthirsty passages of scriptures derived from more primitive eras and circumstances to justify impulses of hatred and cruelty.  How many more young Muslim men will become cannon fodder for ISIS? "See Letter"

Ethics Prime minister: abortion issue is on-going

03 May 2016


In a rare, if indeed not unprecedented, display of firm leadership, Prime Minister Keith Rowley stopped one of his Ministers from unilaterally making government policy and, more importantly, pointed a path forward based on rational discussion.y. "See Letter"

Education Bigotry has no place in education

19 March 2016

Although the parents of the student in the Naparima Boys College controversy have denied being atheists, it is apparent that the teacher felt secure in making threatening remarks about homosexuals and non-believers because this kind of bigotry is considered acceptable by many people in the school and the wider society. "See Letter"

Students Join the newly formed UWI Humanist Society

26 November 2015

  Thursday 26th November 2015 @ 1:00 pm. Centre for Language Learning (CLL Building) Room #2. Contact: 662-2002 ext 85008 … "See Poster PDF"
Religion Education Minister, Anthony Garcia, has his priorities upside down

13 September 2015


In his very first statement after being sworn in as a Minister, Mr Garcia said that religious education should be taught in schools, saying that this “is important, that is vital”, while he asserted that sex education is “the responsibility of the parent”. In any sensible country, the opposite holds, with religious beliefs being a private matter that the State does not get involved in, whereas information about sex is taught to young people in schools … "See Letter"

Religion Atrocities committed under the guise of religion will always find defenders

09 January 2015


In the case of the murders of 12 people at the offices of the French satirical magazine, Charlie Hebdo, a statement from the head of the ASJA, which represents the majority of Muslims in Trinidad and Tobago, asserted that such an act “does not represent the true behaviour and teachings of any Muslim, anywhere.” But Al-Qaeda and ISIS and other such groups all base their actions on Islamic ideology… "See Letter"


Parenting TT Humanist 10 Years • Secular Parenting Workshop 30 April 2016

"Compassion, ethics and reason". Bringing up children without religion.

This workshop will explore the issues of religious parenting content and methods against what science currently understands about healthy and moral human development. More Info…
TT Humanist 10 Years • Secular Parenting Workshop
Reform "The death penalty, constitutional reform, and humanism." 12 February 2011
  The TT Humanist Association will be hosting a lecture by Denis Solomon, on “The death penalty, constitutional reform, and humanism.” Venue is the AV room of the National Museum, Port-of-Spain, on Saturday 12 February 2011 at 6:00 pm. The public is invited. More Info and related articles by Denis Solomon…

Denis Solomon
Humanism “Truth or Dare: How to distinguish fact from foolishness." 29 January 2011
  The TT Humanist Association will be hosting a workshop to discuss the psychological barriers which underlie bias, credulity, and poor decision-making. The workshop will take place at the National Museum, Port of Spain, on Saturday 29 January 2011, from 6 pm to 8 pm. Members of the public are invited to attend. More Info…


Secularism Essay: “People can be good without God. Discuss." 27 February 2010
Fourteen-year-old Zachary Subran-Ganesh was last given a Lesovo netbook on February 27 for his excellent essay, organised by the Trinidad and Tobago Humanist Association. The topic was “People can be good without God. Discuss”, and Zachary made a well-researched and logic argument. Along with his mother, father and sister (also a non-religious young individual), Zachary came to our HQ at Shane’s, where he was presented with the netbook by Association chairman Kevin Baldeosingh. Zachary was particularly pleased to get the netbook, since he wants to use it for his schoolwork. … "See Essay"

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Zachary Subran-Ganesh Kevin Baldeosingh
Zachary Subran-Ganesh Family

Media Releases 2011

Religion What religions are to be taught? 13 April 2011

What religions are to be taught? Will sects within each main religion be included? Is Buddhism, which acknowledges no Creator, considered a religion? What about Rastafarianism, in which smoking marijuana is a key ritual? And, if the intent is to teach value systems (as distinct from belief systems) would humanism be included, given that this is the philosophy which underpins the most tolerant societies in the world, and tolerance is the ultimate goal stated by the Education Minister? … "See Letter"

Crime Capital punishment does not reduce murders 01 March 2011

The death penalty has been condemned by all international human rights organisations, and is on the decrease worldwide. In nations where capital punishment has been abolished, politicians have done so for several reasons: (1) executing criminals does not reduce crime rates; (2) since no justice system is perfect, innocent persons will be executed; (3) executions are cruel. … "See Letter"


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